On the occasion of May Day

Long Live International Unity and Solidarity of the Working Class!

As this year’s May Day approaches, workers everywhere are preparing to express their unity against the corrupt system of wage labour and show their solidarity in their struggle for a better world; a world that is truly worthy of human beings.

May Day approaches at a time when we have witnessed how the different factions and states of the world bourgeoisie have pursued wars in different regions – wars that have brought nothing but misery, destitution, and devastation to even the civil life of hundreds of millions in the Middle East, South America, South-East Asia, Africa, etc.

Today it has also become so clear that despite all the bourgeois propaganda and global media, increasingly larger masses continuously refuse to accept the capitalists’ rhetoric, and express their discontent with the status quo and the existing hierarchy and establishments. This was shown by the anti-establishment tsunami, which completely baffled the chattering classes and their polls and predictions across Europe and the US. None the less, it has also become clear that when the working class is not organised as a class, even the most reactionary nationalist and ultra-right parties can ride on this wave of protest, and use it to further divide our class. This time, “migrants” have become the scapegoat, and “blamed” as the “root cause” of poor health, education, housing, social welfare, and the erosion of all the rights that workers’ struggles had established over the years.

This May Day is another occasion to say that enough is enough! It is time to raise our heads high and once again claim that no section of the working class – but the capitalist system and all its relations – is the root of misery around the world. It is time to stand united and as an international class show our resolve in our struggle to put an end to the rule of these most reactionary bourgeois forces and parties, and the atmosphere of hatred and insecurity that they have enforced upon human beings.

This May Day is yet another occasion for our class everywhere to once again reaffirm that the only way forward for humanity, the only way to end this global misery, is to break free from the chains of the capitalist system of wage labour.

Dear comrades!

On this day, we bring you May Day greetings on behalf workers in Iran who are denied even the basic right to their own organisations and representatives. We also promote the message of May Day solidarity by organising events and gatherings in various countries and actively participating in rallies and events organised by worker’s parties and organisations, and trade unions, and invite all workers to join the May Day celebrations wherever they are.

April 22, 2017


The Abroad Organisation of the Worker-communist Party of Iran Hekmatist (OL)