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A Better World
Programme of the Worker-communist Party- Hekmatist

The Universal Bill of Rights
Adopted by the worker-communist Party-Hekmatist 






Mansoor Hekmat Works
The Founder of  Worker-communism

Koorosh Modaressi Works

Read me First: About This Site

Iranian Revolution of 1979
A Historical Analysis

Personal Notes and Charts

Egypt and Tunisia
Some Q&A on Facebook

The Awakening in Arab Countries
On the Revolutionary Developments in Egypt and Tunisia

A rather long march from the eye of the camera

Protectionism or Liberal Capitalism?
A Black Hole for the Working Class
August 2010

The Lesson to be Learned
On the aftermath of the preisential election in Iran
December 2009

Diplomacy or Weapons of Mass Destruction!
December 2006

An introduction to Worker-communism
November 2006

The situation in Iran and the challenges facing the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist
December 2006


Support women’s movement in Iran


No to High Cost of Living! No to Islamic Republic!

Demand the release of all those arrested in Iran

To all workers, trade unions, workers’ organisations

The world is watching the actions of the German government


Against the terrorist attacks in Tehran


On the occasion of May Day


The Ongoing War Crimes in Mosul


To: Workers and all defenders of workers’ rights in France


Long Live May Day!


Terror Attack in Paris

Against the conspiracies of the Turkish government

Campaign in condemnation of the government in Turkey and in support of Kobane

Islamic Regime is facing Crisis by women

What does ILO have to say?

On the passing of Bob Crow


Ariel Sharon is Dead!
Humanity lost the opportunity to try one of the criminals of the century!


Murder is the response of the Cambodian government to the striking textile workers!


Execution, our share of the "Moderate" government of the Islamic Republic


The indictment of Obama’s Government. Obama must be answerable in Sweden!


We must stand against the United States and Britain’s war machine

The indictment of Obama’s Government.

Obama must be answerable in Sweden!


Aman Kafa's speech at Marx Hekmat Society - London

Condemn the ILO-Islamic Republic pact

Attempts to Stifle the Revolutionary Movement in Libya


Massacre of striking South African miners
Unbelievable but true!

No to Mousavi’s Green Islam,
No to Ahmadinejad’s  Black Islam! 
Long Live Freedom and Equality!

Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist

Charter of the Overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran
Proposed by the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist